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Our parent company, W.E. Rawson Group, was formed in the United Kingdom in 1865, manufacturing quality textiles for a number of applications. After more than a century of experience, this knowledge was expanded to help create the CIPP process, as well as its first liners. Now, nearly 40 years later, Applied Felts has become the international leader in supplying liners for successful CIPP installations around the world. In 1997 Applied Felts expanded its business to the United States by adding a manufacturing plant in Martinsville, Virginia. This move opened up a whole new world of opportunity in what has become the world’s largest market for CIPP rehabilitation. Our extensive history and experience give our customers peace of mind knowing that we are in their corner, allowing them to enter the market confidently, rely on us for training and support, and get the best custom liners to fit their unique needs.

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