AquaCure PS®

In response to growing industry demand, Applied Felts offers the newest innovation in CIPP liners for force mains and other pressure pipe applications, including non-potable water. AquaCure PS was developed by the world’s leader in CIPP technology specifically for applications that must withstand higher internal pressures and deliver the best possible performance.

In order for our liners to perform to your high standards, they must be custom designed to exacting specifications and installation requirements. With pressure pipe applications, diligence in assessing each unique CIPP project and providing custom liners that are value-engineered for each specific installation is more important than ever. We will work with you to understand variables such as internal operating and testing requirements, resin selection, appropriate layers of glass reinforcement and many other key factors in manufacturing your custom AquaCure PS liners. Why do we do this? Because your success is our success.

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