Custom Liners

Let’s face it. Our business isn’t easy. Inconsistent pipe diameters, specialized sizes and fluctuating thicknesses can be a real headache. At Applied Felts we manage every phase of the manufacturing process in-house to offer unique solutions to unusual and exacting job conditions, with field-ready resolutions in mind. Just a few of the important steps we take include the following:

  • We work closely with you to assess your unique job conditions and requirements.
  • We then select the exact polymer granules and felt fibers that best suit your job.
  • We manufacture the felt to your exact size and application specifications in-house for superior quality control.
  • We then deliver to you a quality, custom-made finished liner that will stand the test of time.

Applied Felts custom-produces felt liners to meet exacting conditions for pipes ranging from 3″ to 120″ in diameter, including:

AquaCure LinerCoated Felt InversionDownload document
AquaCure PIPull-in (Drag-in) LinerDownload document
CalHose PIPU Coated Felt CalTubeDownload document
SteamCureInternally PU Coated Felt Lining Materially Contained in Outer PVC Coated FeltDownload document
AmbiCureCoated Felt Liner for Ambient Cure with on site impregnationDownload document