Applied Felts is a 100% vertically integrated liner manufacturer, which guarantees that every phase of manufacturing – from the purchase of raw fiber to the coating and development of our liners – is done in one location, giving us impeccable precision and control over the quality products we make. Our innovative liners are subjected to a rigorous 28-stage testing system during every phase of the manufacturing process:

  1. We begin with the basics. First, we inspect and test raw materials, such as polyester fibers, polyurethane granules and other materials – as well as their suppliers – to  ensure a superior quality basis for your felt liners.
  2. Next, during the five-stage felt production process, we test a number of criteria including density, thickness, fiber distribution evenness, strength and weld-ability of the finished felt.
  3. Next comes the coating of the felt. Applied Felts, Inc. utilizes a “single pass” extruded process to ensure that no pinholes are present. During this phase, four separate tests are conducted to monitor coating uniformity, mass and weight distribution.
  4. Once the felt has been coated, each roll is sampled and destructively tested across a total of nine quality characteristics, including density at various pressures, tensile strength, coating distribution and more. During production, the testing doesn’t end. The liners are continually checked to ensure they satisfy the specifications of your order.
  5. Finally, when the project is complete, a sample is cut from each finished liner and is tested across yet another seven criteria to make sure the circumference, density, length, coating integrity, weld strengths and other properties meet and exceed your exacting requirements.

Why do we go to such extremes to ensure the liners you receive will be the highest quality available? Because your success is our success.

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