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World-Class CIPP Manufacturer: Applied Felts

Global Leaders in CIPP Technology and Manufacturing for Over 40 Years

Applied Felts is a world-class CIPP manufacturer, pioneering the way forward by innovating solutions for trenchless pipeline repair industry-wide for over 40 years. We produce superior quality felt and fiberglass CIPP liners suitable for many applications, including potable water, pressure pipe, and gravity sewer lines.
As a 100% vertically integrated CIPP manufacturer, we maintain precise control over every aspect of production, from purchasing materials to the final coating and finishing. In addition, our manufacturing process includes a meticulous, 28-stage testing system to ensure that our CIPP liners are of exceptional quality and built to last.
With manufacturing locations that span the globe and more than 200 million feet of successful CIPP liner installations, we provide an alternative to the expensive and hazardous process of open-cut pipe repair.

Cured-in-Place Pipe Technology

Learn about the many uses for cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) including applications for spot or sectional repair, full length lining, and main to lateral connection seals. Understand the importance of material selection, installation methods and types of cure.

SOURCE: NASSCO – the industry source for trenchless technology education, resources and advocacy.

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A cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) liner provides an ingenious solution to repair a cracked, leaking, or broken sewer pipe without the need to dig a trench underground. The liner itself consists of a resin-soaked felt tube with an impenetrable exterior coating of polyurethane.

Installation begins by gently inserting the liner into the host pipe, then inverting the resin-soaked felt into the correct position. The inversion results in the polyurethane exterior becoming the interior, effectively creating a pipe-within-a-pipe. The curing ( heat or UV) process causes the resin-soaked felt to seal itself to the damaged pipe lining, creating a strong, highly durable inner tube. As a result, it effectively repairs the original without the need for digging or construction.

Leaking, aging, or malfunctioning sewer, storm water, and sanitary pipe systems have long-term repercussions for municipalities, the environment, and the public at large. However, the time, effort, hazard, and expense of performing traditional open-cut repair is often too cost-prohibitive to be a feasible option. CIPP liners provide a cost-effective, quick, and efficient alternative that has proved time and again to be an ideal choice for trenchless pipeline rehabilitation.

Why Choose CIPP Liners?

Utilizing our CIPP liners provides numerous benefits, including:

Greater Safety: CIPP lining installation doesn’t require the hazard of open-cut repairs and excavation, making the process much safer for everyone.

Cost-Effective: Open-cut pipe repair costs 20 to 40% more than using a cured-in-place pipe liner, making CIPP liners an affordable alternative.

High Durability: Traditional pipe repair often results in sewage leaking out via seams or cracks, which can also allow groundwater infiltration. CIPP liners are jointless, preventing those issues and extending the longevity of the host pipe for up to 100 years.

Excellent Versatility: Most damage to sewer or water pipes can be repaired through CIPP lining. It can fix cracks, breaks, deterioration, root intrusion, corrosion, fractures, and more, which is why it’s such a versatile repair option.

At Applied Felts, we take pride in being a world-class CIPP manufacturer, producing exceptional quality liners suitable for a range of applications. Contact one of our three CIPP manufacturing locations worldwide today to learn more about why we’re the industry standard for cured-in-place pipe liners.