Applied Felts uses our precise manufacturing processes to create a full range of accessories produced to work with our felt liners in order to assist you on more intricate installations. The same rigorous testing and meticulous attention to detail go into every accessory we make to ensure reliable, superior job performance from start to finish. Among other available products, a few examples of these accessories include:

  • Soft ends: A soft end is a hold-back device applied to the end of a liner. It is used to control the rate of inversion once the installation has reached the halfway point. It is also used to attach the holdback rope and the re-circulating hoses. Each soft end is designed to support the impact of loading the liner will experience during both installation and cure.
  • Turn ropes: Turn ropes are installed on a liner to assist in turning the liner from the insertion manhole into the pipe to be relined. Turn ropes can be installed in such a manner that will allow the liner to turn in any one angle of a 360-degree arch.
  • Pull tape: A pull tape is an extremely strong rope or strap installed in the inner most layer of a liner. It is used to assist the inversion of low SDR liners. Pull tape is typically used in liners with small pipe diameter and thick pipe wall construction. Pull tape assist the un-inverted portion of the liner to invert through the liner smile.
  • CalTubeTM – Single-layer, PVC-coated, PE CalTubes come in your choice of stitched, or our innovative High-Frequency (HF) seamed options. Color coded for your particular needs, these 50 mm to 300 mm (2 to 12 inch) diameter tubes can be used in inversion, pull-in and “blind shot” installations.