Quality CIPP Lining Accessories from Applied Felts

When it comes to trenchless pipe repair projects, having high-quality CIPP lining accessories can make or break the entire job. At Applied Felts, we have the full range of CIPP liner accessories necessary to complete trenchless pipe lining projects, no matter how complex. From pull tape and soft ends to liners, resins, and turn ropes, we manufacture high-performance CIPP lining accessories with the same level of superior quality and strength as our industry-leading felt liners.

Applied Felts uses our precise manufacturing processes to create a full range of accessories produced to work with our felt liners in order to assist you on more intricate installations. The same rigorous testing and meticulous attention to detail go into every accessory we make to ensure reliable, superior job performance from start to finish. Among other available products, a few examples of these accessories include:

  • Soft ends: A soft end is a hold-back device applied to the end of a liner. It is used to control the rate of inversion once the installation has reached the halfway point. It is also used to attach the holdback rope and the re-circulating hoses. Each soft end is designed to support the impact of loading the liner will experience during both installation and cure.
  • Turn ropes: Turn ropes are installed on a liner to assist in turning the liner from the insertion manhole into the pipe to be relined. Turn ropes can be installed in such a manner that will allow the liner to turn in any one angle of a 360-degree arch.
  • Pull tape: A pull tape is an extremely strong rope or strap installed in the inner most layer of a liner. It is used to assist the inversion of low SDR liners. Pull tape is typically used in liners with small pipe diameter and thick pipe wall construction. Pull tape assist the un-inverted portion of the liner to invert through the liner smile.
  • CalTubeTM – Single-layer, PVC-coated, PE CalTubes come in your choice of stitched, or our innovative High-Frequency (HF) seamed options. Color coded for your particular needs, these 50 mm to 300 mm (2 to 12 inch) diameter tubes can be used in inversion, pull-in and “blind shot” installations.

For more than 40 years, the talented minds at Applied Felts have produced custom solutions for trenchless pipeline rehabilitation. In fact, we played a pivotal role in the initial development of CIPP lining systems, which we’ve further evolved over the years into the innovative trenchless technology currently used today. Our CIPP relining products are ideal for repairing virtually any pipeline, including sanitary sewers, storm drains, gravity sewer lines, pressurized pipes, and potable water lines.

In addition to our cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) liners, we also manufacture CIPP liner accessories, which work in tandem with our felt liners and felt-fiberglass hybrids. Our accessories are subject to the same extensive testing process as our CIPP liners, including 28-stage quality assurance testing.

A CIPP liner is a resin-soaked felt pipe with a corrosion-resistant polyurethane coating. With the help of an inversion drum, the liner goes inside a damaged pipeline and is then inverted, creating a durable and impervious inner tube. Finally, the resin is cured and hardens, adhering to the host pipe.    

Generally, CIPP installation is straightforward. However, our CIPP lining accessories can facilitate the process for unique, complex, or challenging projects. Some of the CIPP lining equipment we manufacture includes:

Pull Tape: Our pull tape is ideal for repairing pipes with small diameters and thick walls. A pull tape is a rope or strap which goes inside the liner to assist with the inversion process. If there’s any difficulty or resistance, the pull tape facilitates the proper placement of any un-inverted liner sections.

Soft Ends: A soft end goes directly on the edge of a CIPP liner and functions as a hold-back device, controlling the inversion rate after the halfway point during installation. The soft ends attach to the re-circulating hoses and holdback rope, providing a secure method for supporting the liner during the installing and curing process.

CalTube(R): Our calibration tubes come in a range of diameters between two and 12 inches and are ideal for use in situations with a complex pull-in or “blind” installation. These single-layer tubes have two closure options: high-frequency seaming or stitches, with color coding for easy identification.

Turn Ropes: Our turn ropes assist with the turning and insertion process of the CIPP liner. Essentially, turn ropes allow the liner to stay in position at any angle of a complete 360-degree circle, facilitating speed and accuracy of installation.

For more than four decades, we’ve been sparking innovation within the field of trenchless pipe rehabilitation, manufacturing high-performance cured-in-place pipe liners. Our custom solutions include the full range of CIPP lining accessories, providing our clients with an affordable alternative to traditional open-cut pipeline repair methods and a commitment to excellence that sets Applied Felts far above the rest.

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