The CIPP Liner: Revolutionary, Cost-Effective Solution for Pipeline Rehabilitation


Since its inception in the 1970s, the CIPP liner has been a revolutionary solution for the costly and time-consuming problem of traditional pipeline rehabilitation. With CIPP liners able to repair virtually any type of damage for numerous applications—including pressurized, potable water, and gravity sewer lines—this groundbreaking product is one that communities the world over rely on every day.

To us, the best products we offer are the ones that we design just for you, based on your unique job requirements. We listen to our customers, develop a plan to deliver the best possible solutions, and provide ongoing guidance throughout the installation process.

  • We work closely with you to assess your unique job conditions and requirements.
  • We then select the exact polymer granules, felt fibers and fiberglass reinforcement that best suit your job.
  • We manufacture the liner in-house to your exact size and application specifications for superior quality control.

Since every job is different, so is every liner that we manufacture. In addition to Applied Felts’ highly relevant and proven traditional felt liner, we also provide hybrid liners that incorporate fiberglass to meet the rapidly expanding application of traditional CIPP solutions. Combining fiberglass reinforcement with our existing, best-in-class felt liner materials fully integrates and blends the unique properties of each, providing the strongest, most robust liner on the market today for pressure sewer and potable water applications.

Single-layer felt liner with impermeable coating for ambient cure with on-site impregnation

Inversion tube constructed of multiple layer felt liner with impermeable coating/ seams can be flame-bonded

Single- or multiple-layer pull-in (drag-in) liner with impermeable coating

Fiberglass reinforced liner optimized for force main sewers and other pressure pipe applications

Multi-layer polyester felt/fiberglass hybrid liner optimized for potable water applications

Reinforced traditional felt and fiberglass liner optimized for gravity sanitary and storm sewers

Single-layer felt liner with impermeable coating used to inflate AquaCure PI® liners, forming permanent composite

Felt liner with an impermeable coating on both the inside and outside of the liner

Circular looped PE, uniquely bonded to a seamless, impermeable PU coating. Extremely flexible tube is ideal for use on multiple bends up to 90° with minimal wrinkling.


Polyester felt liner with multi-layer coating containing polyamide conforming to ASTM F1216 and ASTM F1743.  To accommodate the requirement for liners of varying thicknesses, multiple layers of polyester felt are employed. Applied Felts is certified under the current ISO 9001 Quality Standard.



Additionally, Applied Felts provides NOVAPIPE® traditional felt and hybrid (incorporating fiberglass reinforcement) liners, stitched or flame-bonded seams, in a variety of coating options, including PU, PP or PE for your gravity sewer, pressure pipe and potable water applications.

At Applied Felts, we’re the leading choice for a cure in place pipe lining manufacturer, and our process sets the industry standard by which many other companies follow. We conduct a meticulous testing process with 28 different steps to ensure an exceptional quality product that consistently meets and exceeds our clients’ expectations. As a result, we’ve installed more than 200 million feet of our CIPP liners, repairing thousands of miles of existing pipelines all over the world.

Cured in place pipe lining provides an excellent alternative to the more traditional sewer pipe repair methods, like large-scale trenches or open-cut techniques. A CIPP liner consists of a resin-soaked felt liner with an impermeable polyurethane coating on the exterior, which we place inside of a damaged host pipe for an easy and safe repair.

Here’s why our CIPP felt liners are the best choice for pipeline rehabilitation:

  • Availability for repairing gravity sewer lines and pressurized or potable water pipes
  • Affordable materials and installation costs—up to 40% cheaper than open-cut repair
  • Elimination of the need for excavation or trenches
  •  Minimum disruption to the environment
  • Prevention of hassle and community disruption (i.e., road work and traffic)
  • Versatile applications: ideal for virtually any pipe or damage
  • Installation that is quick, safe, and simple
  • Ideal solution for complex or hard-to-reach pipelines (i.e., under bridges or in historic areas)
  • Durable and long-lasting product with up to 100-year lifespan
  • Virtually no maintenance or upkeep requirement

Lateral sewer lines extend outward from a home or building to connect with the primary city sewer line that rests beneath the street. A CIPP lateral lining is the best choice for repairing and rehabilitating this type of pipeline, which is at high risk for damage from tree root intrusion.

At Applied Felts, we work exclusively with top-rated suppliers and purchase only premium quality materials, which is why our products are suitable for high-performance applications. We offer a large selection of CIPP lateral liners comprising felt and felt-fiberglass hybrids, including these product lines:

  •       AmbiCure®
  •       AquaCure®
  •       CalHose®
  •       SteamCure®
  •       WovoLiner®
  •       NOVAPIPE®

Since every client has different needs and job specifications, we provide custom manufacturing processes for each CIPP liner we produce. With our exclusive manufacturing methods, quality materials, and stringent testing requirements, our CIPP liners are consistently the best in the business.

At Applied Felts, we’ve been the leading manufacturer of CIPP liners for over four decades. With our stringent 28-stage testing process, attention to detail, and dedication to excellence, every CIPP liner we produce exceeds our clients’ expectations for quality and durability. Our custom CIPP pipe lining solutions allow for a trenchless pipe repair, which is much safer and more affordable than an open-cut technique.

Call us at Applied Felts today and learn more about our available products and how they can meet your unique needs. Use our online contact form to reach one of our offices in the U.S., United Kingdom, or India.