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More and more contractors are entering the pipelining industry to boost their revenue and expand their market. In 2009, the international pipeline rehabilitation market grew by over $8 billion. With the industry growing exponentially, underground utilities businesses worldwide are expanding their services by incorporating pipeline repair.

Finding a reputable cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) manufacturer is crucial when entering the pipelining industry. Each manufacturer has its own unique installation process and product line. With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to determine which CIPP manufacturer is a good fit.

When exploring CIPP options, there are various factors to consider ensuring both quality and reliability.

The CIPP Application Needs

When looking for a CIPP manufacturer for a plumbing business, consider the following questions:

●        How do you plan on utilizing pipelining?

●        Do you plan on working more with residential or commercial properties?

●        Does your business work more locally or with larger city pipelines?

CIPP lining has multiple potential applications. Determining the specific uses of CIPP lining can quickly narrow down manufacturer options.

In addition, it is essential to consider various other factors, including the location, season, and weather. Contractors can find CIPP manufacturers that customize liners to fit their unique application objectives. However, some manufacturers are more versatile and provide CIPP lining for various property types.

The Installation System

CIPP Lining Manufacturing

Since CIPP lining has various application uses, there are also multiple installation systems.

For example, a contractor must consider factors such as:

●        Installation equipment capability

●        System availability

●        Wet-out facility location

Quality of the Materials

High-Performance CIPP Liner Materials

One of the most crucial factors to consider when exploring manufacturer options is the quality of their raw materials. Generally, a company with complete control over the manufacturing process will produce high-quality materials.

For example, manufacturers should inspect and test various materials before releasing them for the final product:

●        Polyester fibers

●        Fiberglass

●        Polyurethane granules

Any underground business knows how crucial it is to use high-quality and reliable products when providing services for its customers. Finding a reputable CIPP manufacturer that produces high-end materials is vital for overall operations and customer satisfaction.

Potential Profits

The goal of nearly every business is to retain profit. Establishing a high-profit margin involves successfully balancing revenue with the costs of labor and materials. Having lower costs can increase revenue and lead to higher profit margins. When projects are designed and priced correctly, very few industries have the profit potential of CIPP.

When looking for potential manufacturers, take some time to do the math. It is crucial to remember to find a balance between quality and cost. Higher-quality materials tend to have higher upfront costs, but they can save you money in the long run.

Potential Options

Contractors have nearly endless choices to choose from for CIPP manufacturers. Although exploring different options can take time, do research to find out who has the best prices, quality, and overall service.

Narrowing down potential options requires a company to consider the following factors:

●        Unique business needs

●        Specific process

●        Materials

Two crucial components are polymer coating and the liner closing method. Businesses should consider their unique needs and find manufacturers that produce products that help them achieve their operational goals.

Technician Training for CIPP Lining

A reliable manufacturer and high-quality materials aren’t enough to produce outstanding service. The backbone of any construction company is its team of technicians.

Entering the CIPP industry requires training or hiring skilled technicians. Most CIPP manufacturers have a training program to teach the lining process.

When learning about a manufacturers training program, ask the following questions:

●        Do they offer businesses beginner training after purchasing their products?

●        Do they provide continuous training?

●        Do they have a training program for technicians already familiar with CIPP lining?

CIPP training is not something technicians can learn in school. Having this skill and experience can take a business to the next level and significantly boost its profit and customer base.

Quality Control Programs

A reputable CIPP manufacturer will have a detailed quality assurance or quality control program in place for their products. Manufacturers should stress-test their liners by checking various characteristics such as:

●        Thickness

●        Density

●        Fiber distribution

●        Weld-ability

●        Strength

Any manufacturer can claim that their products are high-quality. However, having a comprehensive quality control program shows that they are reliable and can produce products that will be highly beneficial for a plumbing business.

After an initial quality test, the manufacturer should perform further testing with product samples to check coating integrity, length, circumference, and various other characteristics.

Before deciding on a CIPP manufacturer, ask the company about its quality control process.

Manufacturer Reputation

With so many factors to consider, the most important is the manufacturer’s reputation. A reputable company not only has a list of positive reviews but stands by its work.

Entering the CIPP lining industry requires having reliable support from the manufacturer. From the raw materials to the final delivery, a reputable manufacturer will do everything they can to produce high-end products and services.

When it comes to finding CIPP liners, it is vital to find a trustworthy manufacturer with a reputation to back their services. Applied Felts is proud to be a leading CIPP manufacturer with over 40 years of experience.

From materials for the host pipe or sewer pipes, Applied Felts has everything contractors need for CIPP lining. Contact our CIPP manufacturer team today to see why businesses continue to rely on us for our professional services.

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