FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE VORTEX COMPANIES ACQUIRES APPLIED FELTS® INC. TO DELIVER COMPREHENSIVE TRENCHLESS REHABILITATION SOLUTIONS Since 2015, Vortex Companies has been a trailblazer in transforming the trenchless rehabilitation industry through a commitment to making access to cutting-edge technologies easier and more streamlined. Today, this commitment takes a giant leap forward with the landmark acquisition of […]

Applied Felt’s EnviroCure® – Your Answer to CIPP Styrene Emissions

CASE STUDY Sewer Technologies in Ontario, Canada had two projects lining culverts that required sensitivity to the natural wildlife.  One culvert was a very old 36” diameter CSP pipe that was heavily corroded through-out, leaving it structurally unsound, and had a creek running through it. It was also located in a sensitive area very close to […]

Sewer Rehabilitation Using CIPP Lining for City Development

CIPP Solution for Citywide Sewer Rehabilitation

Sewer rehabilitation at the city development level is an enormous undertaking. Many things can impact the structural integrity of sewage systems and their intricate networks of pipes. Traditional solutions require invasive installation, community complications, plumbing downtime, and high costs. Cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining technology exceeds all other methods by providing a more affordable sewer and […]

Your answer to CIPP Styrene emissions: INTRODUCING EnviroCure®!

No extra equipment or non-styrenated resins necessary  – the liner does the work for you! Click Here to Download the EnviroCure® Brochure. Click Here to Download EnviroCure® Testing Results, Conducted Across Multiple Installations. Advanced CIPP Solutions: EnviroCure’s Styrene-Free Innovation by Applied Felts Bid farewell to concerns over Styrene emissions in CIPP as Applied Felts EnviroCure […]

What to Look for in a CIPP Liner

Applied Felts - CIPP Lining Manufacturer

More and more contractors are entering the pipelining industry to boost their revenue and expand their market. In 2009, the international pipeline rehabilitation market grew by over $8 billion. With the industry growing exponentially, underground utilities businesses worldwide are expanding their services by incorporating pipeline repair. Finding a reputable cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) manufacturer is crucial when […]

Applied Felts Inc. Acquires FerraTex Services

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Gil Carroll,  919.349.1969 or gcarroll@appliedfelts.com Martinsville, VA –Dec. 12, 2019 – Applied Felts, the world’s leading cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) felt liner manufacturer, today entered into binding agreements to acquire the business and assets of New Jersey-based FerraTex Services, a leading provider of wet-out services for CIPP liners and associated equipment. The acquisition includes […]

Allens Plumbing in Maui, Hawaii – A Great Success Story

Allens Plumbing in Maui, Hawaii – a great success story of growth, a component of which was diversification by moving into trenchless pipe rehab technology, supported by MaxLiner USA’s cured-in-place pipe lining system and felt liners from Applied Felts. READ THE ARTICLE… Visit MaxLiner

Tips for Choosing the Right CIPP Liner

Choosing the right CIPP Liner

BY DAVID BLADES AND MARK CHANDLER ON OCTOBER 4, 2018 PIPE RELINING, REHABILITATION Choosing the right lining material for a cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) rehabilitation project can never be an “off the shelf” decision. Research and development in the world of CIPP liners has resulted in a wide spectrum of new solutions, all created to meet […]